Garage Flooring

Proprietary Garage Floor Coating

PremierGarage has created the most revolutionary garage floor coating product in 25 years. No longer is epoxy the top floor coating. With our Premier NX floor coating, you receive a superior flooring in comparison to do-it-yourself installs and other professional epoxy in terms of durability, slip resistance, cleaning, and shine. And, it won’t be harmed by the weather in the Bay Area. Not even humidity or rain.

Installation Time | Not Your Traditional Coating

We all hear the stories with traditional epoxy. You have to stay out of your garage for 1, 2, sometimes 3 weeks at a time! Not any longer. PremierGarage has revolutionized the flooring industry. With our unique floor coating system, you can drive on your garage the very next day. However, in extreme temperatures or weather conditions, your garage floor could take slightly longer. Plan on 24-36 hours after installation, your garage will be perfect!

Long Lasting And Durable Storage Solutions

Most companies in and around San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay Area are known for use inferior products and simple install techniques. We have revolutionized the home garage for over 10 years. For each and every job, we use superior techniques proven to outlast the competition.

Decorative Textures

A seamless, patterned floor available in 18 standard color combinations with large (1/4″) or small (1/8″) chips, giving a slightly textured finish to the floor. You can also custom blend your own color combinations.


Granite is one of the most popular finishes in homes today for countertops and high-end flooring. Now you can have the elegant look of granite on your garage floor with PremierOne’s Stone® floor coating.


Bring the “wow” factor to your garage floor with genuine shaved rock chips in six colors that give a natural, metallic luster from the stone’s mica content. The 1/4″ chips create a depth of shine and color intensity that will never dim.


A unique, one-of-a-kind marbleized floor finish. A blend of natural mica particles and pearlescent pigments, the product is swirled together at install, creating the floor’s design. The molten metal effect displays subtle abstract patterns and three-dimensional depths of color. Six color choices available.


An uninterrupted expanse of color and shine, available in six neutral colors to blend with any garage color scheme.

Floor Tiles

The interlocking tiles create a strong and permanent bond and, since there’s no adhesive or curing time, a new garage floor can usually be installed in one day. Available in 18 popular colors, you can design a unique pattern or coordinate colors to match your car, a favorite sports team logo or complement the finish on your garage cabinets.