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At PremierGarage we offer several solutions for counter areas.  We will review all options with you very carefully to best determine how this area should be set up so that it properly accommodates everyone that may use this area.  You can select from standard base cabinets, 1 drawer + 1 door combination, regular drawers, deep drawers, kneespace, etc.  Our goal is to make sure your counter areas are set up to allow for maximum functionality.

Show below in Stainless Steel, Solid Wood, Black, and Black with a drop-in sink.

Garage Countertops Garage Countertops Garage Countertops Garage Countertops

You will also have the opportunity to select 3 different options of counter tops.  1)  Our standard black counter top has rounded edges with rubber T-molding for a clean look while eliminating sharp edges. This also provides some protection from items banging into the edges; 2) We also provide butcher block counter tops made from solid maple and sealed with a clear varnish finish; 3) Another option is the Stainless Steel counter top which is made from 16-guage stainless steel which is a 1 ½ inch thick design with welded corners and a brushed finish to add a contemporary or industrial look to any counter area.